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Structural Steel.

  • Fabrication
  • Erection

Not only can we build heavy structural steel, but we also fabricate many miscellaneous steel components, including handrails, stairs, and guards. Welco Services, Inc. has the capability to fabricate many sizes of structural steel projects. The sizes range from several hundred tons of beams to large aluminum access platforms. We take your design drawings and produce detailed shop drawings to ensure that every structure is built to your specifications. Our staff of certified welders and fabricators ensure that every component is built per AISC and AWS code.

Structural Steel
Fabricated at Welco Shop
Ready for shipment and galvanizing

Catwalk Platforms
Fabricated, Assembled and Painted at Welco Shop
Ready for shipment to job site for installation

Stairs and Platforms

Conveyor Catwalk

Structural Steel
Fabricated and Painted at Welco Shop
Ready for Shipment

Fully erected steel addition at an Ethonal Plant

Stairs and Catwalks around a Distillation Column