It was a little bland in the chocolate cookie flavor, but the chocolate chips brought it all back together, making one deliciously chocolate-y bite. Even if subjects were in a state of ketosis at baseline, by speculation we wouldn’t suspect a significant decrease in BHB, although we need more long term self-reporting testing to prove that! Since we always keep an eye out for new products we came across the Quest Protein Cookies that have less than 1g sugar and we jumped on this challenge to test them! Do you know the feeling when you have a beautiful picture on the packaging but when you open it, the product you find inside does not even look like the photo on the package or e.g. That email doesn't look right. As a self-proclaimed (and friend-endorsed) chocoholic, this was a winner too. It has its own rich and distinct flavor, incredibly chewy texture and is a great melding of salty-sweet. It’s well known that the less you spike glucose (and consequently insulin), the better – especially if someone is trying to maintain being in the state of ketosis by following a ketogenic diet, since a relatively small rise in blood glucose can rapidly prevent ketosis. This was packed with flavor and super thick and chewy. Cookies and cream can be ‘healthy’ for someone who is present and happy, eats a lot of organic plants, and lives an active, community-backed life, for example… Quest bars are a substitute “food”. 3-4.). Six healthy, adult subjects (2 females and 4 males) self-reporting, not in ketosis at baseline, having not eaten or drank anything 3 hours prior to starting the experiment, sent us their results. Healthy is a huge word. The answer to your question depends on your definition of health. Quest cookies came out recently and are basically normal cookies, but with the benefit of being rich enough in protein that you can feel like you're indulging while also giving your body some much needed nutrition. They measured blood glucose and BHB before eating the cookies (baseline) and at 30 minute intervals after eating the cookies up to 120 minutes. We even have a writer who highlighted the Complete Protein cookies, lauding them as Quest Bars, but better. When blood glucose rises, insulin is released and consequently ketogenesis, or the production of ketone bodies, is inhibited. All together we can say that Quest cookies are not anti-ketogenic, as apposite to nearly all other cookies on the market. They're basically the same calories as normal cookies, so … By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. If you are trying to keep blood glucose fluctuations to a minimum but still want to indulge in a tasty treat, Quest protein cookies have clearly proven their case as being an option. Chewy, nutty and sweet as any other peanut butter cookie. They go for about $2.50 at GNC, which is what you'd pay for a bakery cookie. Luckily, we know some self-experimenters who were willing to share their personal results testing their blood glucose and ketone (beta-hydroxybutyrate, BHB) levels between equal amounts (59g) of regular store-bought sugar-containing chocolate chip cookies (control) and the Quest Protein Cookies – Chocolate Chip (CCC) and Double Chocolate Chip (DCCC) flavours. The control cookies caused BHB levels to drop, inversely related to their effect on blood glucose, as would be expected (Fig. Quest cookies came out recently and are basically normal cookies, but with the benefit of being rich enough in protein that you can feel like you're indulging while also giving your body some much needed nutrition. Income made via affiliate links goes to support scientific research, Doctors, Clinics, and Nutrition Consulting. With this size (59g) the cookie can be a substitute of a meal, it is very filling and the taste is pretty amazing too: we did not even notice that it basically lacks sugar compared to regular cookies that are filled with sugar, wheat or high fructose corn syrup! Full disclosure, they did send me their cookies to sample, but I'm not one to lie about taste and I can tell you, these are pretty damn good. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. But of course, as scientists, we like data. There are more flavours out there, but we tested only these two types for now. The manufacturer intended QUEST Protein Cookie for healthy and active individuals who want to increase muscle mass, meet their daily protein requirements, fill nutrition gaps, and achieve their daily fitness goals. And that may have been true—until Quest came out with their own Quest Cookies. While the control cookies caused a large increase in blood glucose within the first hour, as expected, both Quest cookie flavors had little or no impact and actually caused a slight decrease, proving that for the purpose of minimizing spikes in blood glucose, Quest protein cookies can be consumed for that very reason. So, while the Quest protein cookies are not by definition ketogenic, we still think they are a tasty and healthy option for someone following a ketogenic diet. That's right folks, the good people at Quest saw fit to expand the brand to include their own version of the sweet treat. There is a clear difference between the blood glucose response from the control cookies and both Quest cookie types (Fig1-2.). If you're on a health kick or trying to get more protein into your diet, but just can't seem to tame your sweet tooth, these just may be the treat for you. I'm a huge fan of oatmeal cookies so my standards are pretty high. Are Quest bars healthy? One of the goals of this blog is to share products that can make complying to a ketogenic or low-carb lifestyle more sustainable. The macros on the bar aren’t bad for what it is. For the entire Quest Protein Cookie you’re looking at: 250 calories; 17g fat; 18g carbs After you learn the nutrition facts, you can decide if this promise is fulfilled. Klara: In short, I say nah. We found them in our local Target store, the packaging is clean and stylish and the picture of the cookie is already appetizing, could not wait to get out of the store and start testing it. Dom testing his cookie on his flight Keto Nutrition July 19, 2018 Full disclosure, I'm allergic to peanuts, but the friends I asked to taste these said they were phenomenal. If having the lowest impact is how you win the game, the Quest protein cookies just won! Sorry for the late-to-the-game announcement, but that doesn't make the cookies any less exciting to read about. When it comes to the ingredients, Quest Cookies are made with Unsweetened Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Peanuts and Natural Flavors. To be fair, it didn't taste exactly like your typical out-of-the-oven or bakery chocolate chip cookie, but for a healthy option it was really good. All Rights Reserved, 9 Lansdowne Street, Suite 2Boston, MA 02215, What It's Actually Like to Be Healthy in College. So, while the Quest protein cookies are not by definition ketogenic, we still think they are a tasty and healthy option for someone following a ketogenic diet. They honestly couldn't believe they were protein cookies. Each cookie is also gluten free and soy free, making it more accessible with people with allergies. Now looking at the carbs, the chocolate chip flavor contains only 4g … Well, this is not going to happen with you when opening the Quest Cookie package, the content did not disappoint. But, between the two, the Quest Cookie in our opinion is a better healthy snack or meal replacement option for when you are … Quest Protein Cookies are soft & chewy baked treats with at 15-16 grams of protein per cookie with plenty of fiber and minimal net carbs & sugar. However, based on these observations we would not expect much decrease in BHB levels even if someone started from the state of ketosis, but we did not test this scenario yet. Given that the subjects were not in a state of ketosis at baseline and the experiments started with low BHB levels, this info is somewhat limited for those not following a ketogenic diet. They're basically the same calories as normal cookies, so at least you're making those calories count. In that way, when consumed in moderation (try to resist the urge to eat cookies all day) they can even be part of a ketogenic diet. Quest Protein Cookie Leading Protein Cookie Regular Cookie; Protein: 15g: 8g: 2g: Sugar <1: 12g: 20g: Net Carbs: 4g: 28g: 22g: Dietary Fiber: 9g: 5g: 0g: Calories: 250: 200: 280: Fat: 17g: 8g: 6g KetoNutrition is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to, in addition to other affiliated sites. In terms of their use in the ketogenic diet, they are certainly a great low-carb option and also provide a decent amount of fat (17g per cookie) and low enough amount of carbohydrates to likely sustain a state of ketosis. Moral of the story: you CAN have your cookie and still stay healthy! Stable blood glucose will give you sustained energy throughout the day without triggering brain fog and sugar cravings a few hours later. If you're more a fan of crispy cookies, you may want to steer clear, but as far as oatmeal cookies go, though it wasn't the best I've ever tasted, it was certainly good enough to bring me back to eat another. The company is always trying to find new ways to branch out and improve their products, including constant tasting and implementing of innovative flavors and committing to a texture that's not too odd, which is saying something because, let's face it, most other protein bars are not the most appealing.


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