When you buy with our links, we may earn a commission. For digital mics, the bit depth refers to how many bits of information each sound sample contains. First off, yes… your built-in iPhone mic will probably work to a certain extent for creating videos and recording simple podcast audio. It is actually a small shotgun mic, so you can use it to focus-in on one particular source of sound and deflect other sources. The good part of this is that mic companies have hopped onto the smartphone train. In truth, if you want to record with your iPhone, you are going to need an upgrade… a high-quality microphone for iPhone, that will get the job done right and help you to level-up your iPhone’s recording performance capabilities! Comica CVM-WS50(C) Wireless Kit Key Features: If you own an iPhone and are looking into trying to decide whether or not you should buy a microphone for it, then you are probably interested in doing some kind of content creation. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. The only problem is that it really lacks the capability of delivering quality audio if you plan to create some kind of video or audio content. Our favorite microphone for the iPhone is the Shure MV88. If you’re looking for a wireless lavalier system that also comes with a tripod and a few other features, then this may be the kit for you. You may need a lightning cable to connect to USB, or a lightning cable that will give your iPhone a 3.5mm jack. The MV88 is made specifically for the iPhone, and comes equipped with a Lightning 3 connector pin, so it is natively compatible with all iOS devices. (Check out our list of best podcast mics if you’re looking to start a podcast! The volume drops drastically if you move it away from your mouth. There is also a mute button, a headphone volume, and a gain knob. They give people a way to record audio/video, edit clips, and post recordings to the internet… all while using one device. Maybe you want to start a podcast, or even record some audio/music? The Shure is perfect for the iPhone recorder-on-the-go, and requires no extra installation. And the best way to do that is to buy a new microphone and level-up the recording quality of your iPhone media. Our runner up pick was the  Comica Video Kit CVM-VM10-K2 kit. Before buying a recording mic for your iPhone, make sure to take into account the following features. Omnidirectional mics, on the other hand, are designed to pick up sound from all directions. This Comica Smartphone Video Kit comes with the mic, as well as a mini-tripod. It is an omnidirectional condenser mic, meaning it picks up sound from all angles. Both mics offer a superior experience for a great price and are useful tools in the arsenal of any recording enthusiast. If you don’t care about that, then no problem. Recording mics can be divided by the area of sound they capture. The PoP Voice Lavalier lapel microphone is an excellent choice for the casual recorder who needs a reliable and decent quality mic for on-the-go recordings. It is easy to use, carries the very prestigious and trusted Shure brand, and does everything that a quality condenser mic is supposed to do… but it is scaled down to work perfectly with your iPhone or other iOS device! Our favorite thing about the Comica CVM-WS50(C) Kit is probably the fact that it takes your iPhone, and really just transforms it into an all-in-one video or audio recording station! Professional audio microphones tend to use 24-bit samples, though a 16-bit depth is good enough for most casual applications. If you’re looking for a dynamic, expressive shotgun mic for general, all-purpose iPhone audio/video tasks, then the Comica Video Kit CVM-VM10-K2 should absolutely be on your radar! Do you really need something better than that for what you want to do? It comes with an adaptor pin for use on PC and Mac. As our runner-up selection, the Comica Video Kit gives you a tripod, a shotgun mic, and a world of iPhone audio/video possibilities in a convenient and easy-to-use package. The microphone is designed specifically for use with smartphones, and is compatible with most major brands and operating systems. One unique element to the iPhone is that you generally need a lighting cable to make external microphones work. As far as features go, it has a built-in anti-interference function. But how do you choose the best mic for your project? If you’re looking for a reliable, corded lavalier mic that will work with your iPhone, this is definitely an option to check out! The smartLav+ has great sound and build quality, which is rare for devices of this size. So which iPhone microphone is the best? The thing about the built-in microphones on smart-phones is that they tend to be alright for phone calls and simple recordings… but they actually lack quite a bit when it comes to professional audio. The Purple Panda lavalier kit centers around a well-designed cardioid microphone which capably isolates the speaker's voice from its environment and accurately captures the audio as electronic data. Best External Microphones for iPhone 11, X Series, 8/8 Plus and 7/7 Plus [2020] Shure MV88 Portable Microphone with Lightning Adapter; Zoom iQ6 Adjustable Mic; Altson Ultra-Compact Clip Omnidirectional Microphone; INSEESI Easy Installation Mic; BOYA Lapel Microphone with Lightning Cable; Movo MA200 3.5mm Dongle Clip Mic Comica Smartphone Video Kit Key Features: This omnidirectional condenser mic is simply an awesome fit for anyone needing a simple, inexpensive, and effective lavalier mic for their iPhone. You simply select which mode you wish to use. This list should take you from ‘wondering what you need,’ to ‘choosing the best mic for you’ in a mere matter of minutes! The 5 Best Top-Rated Microphones For iPhone. Many recording mics manufactured nowadays are made to be compatible with smartphones… both iPhone and Android devices. There are actually many different types of microphones that will work with the iPhone… and we are including 11 of them in this post. You can check out some of our favorite lighting cables here…. This mic turns your iPhone into a serious audio-capturing machine capable of recording actual, real, high-quality audio in almost any sort of application.


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