That's over 324 quattuorquadragintillion (3.24E+137) different combinations! This is a very basic tool and any model will do. If you want to dive deeper into the differences between switches be sure to check out this guide. If there is one thing this hobby requires, it is a great deal of patience. A popular choice in this area is the Vortex Core. TKL – The TKL form factor is a slightly more popular one in custom mechanical keyboards compared to a full-sized layout. Brand isn’t too important as long as you lubricate them before you install them, otherwise some of the cheaper options can get quite noisy. There are a few downsides when going this route. The Cherry MX Blue is probably one of the most popular clicky switches in the market right now. This usually involves lubing the housing and the wires of the stabilizers to prevent them from rattling. There are six components you’ll need to put together a functioning keyboard along with a USB cable: All of these parts have a wide range of options to personalize your keyboard and many options for one part can determine or limit your options for another. Depending on the model, this is either done with external software and then flashed onto the board’s firmware, or it is done directly on the keyboard through specific key combinations. Note how the annoying rattling sound is gone after the stabilizers have been lubed. You can also keep an eye out on upcoming projects on where creators typically run “interest checks” to gauge interest in a keyboard or keycap set, while also getting feedback from the community before launching as a group buy. Plate (optional): This is completely optional because you can build a keyboard without a plate. Cut and stacked acrylic (held together by stand-offs) is also pretty popular these days due to the relative ease of manufacturing where you would essentially only need a laser cutter. Many PCBs allow you to change the layout of your switches in a way that allows for this. Choosing the right places to buy your parts from can be pretty difficult if you've never built a keyboard before. Full-Sized Keyboard – This is the standard keyboard that many of us think of and are familiar with. How to Customize the Windows 10 Context Menu, Only the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday tech deals. While the wood itself is quite durable, the finish can show signs of wear much faster than aluminum or plastic. Cases are usually available in one of 4 different materials. This results in a much more compact design, where the main difference is that the 65% model usually comes with dedicated arrow keys and page navigation keys. It also makes the final product look nicer and comes in a variety of materials and finishes to add another personal touch to your build. It’s generally preferable not to burn holes in household objects when you need a spare hand. The PCB is the heart of your keyboard. Now, before you go spending money on anything and everything, we’ll go into more detail for each part so you can see how it comes together. Keycaps also come in different “profiles”. If you excel at touch typing, there is another much more cost effective method—blanks. Build your own mechanical keyboard, starting here! Choose your design, choose your switch—that’s it. This includes switches like Zeal’s Zealios/Tealios series, Novelkey Creams, Holy Pandas, Alpacas, T1s, H1s, and so on. Make sure to choose the correct size, usually anywhere between .03 and .06 will work here. Some switches even have the option of being silent in case you want to use it in an office environment and don’t want to disturb your co-workers. No specialty stores are required here, Amazon has everything you need, but you do need to buy the right tools for the job and there are certain features that you may want to pay extra for. When you compare your available options, you’ll soon realize that outward design is the only differentiator. Just because there is a switch that is currently trending doesn’t mean that it is for you. 60%/65% – The 60% and 65% keyboards are pretty similar to each other, where they feature alphanumerical keys but ditch the function row entirely. For example, there are many enthusiasts who are more than happy with Cherry’s MX Blacks, so what’s right for someone doesn’t mean that it is right for you. They are also dirt cheap and significantly reduce the overall cost of your keyboard. When it comes to custom mechanical keyboards, there are various form factors to choose from. The mechanical keyboard community has grown over the years where there are many other brands by Kailh, Gateron, and Durock (just to name a few) that have created their own lineup of switches that are viewed “superior” to the more mainstream Cherry switches. There is a lot of debate between either material, with PBT typically being viewed as more “durable” due to them being made of thicker material. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Change Ad Consent Advertise. When you are building your own keyboard, your switch choice is entirely independent from any of the other components you choose to go with. Tactile – If you prefer more feedback when typing, tactile switches might be of interest to you. In this step, you want to examine the PCB for signs of shorts or other bizarre marks. With that said, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” holds true here. Fast forward to today, and we’re starting to see many mainstream brands like Razer, Corsair, Steel Series, and Logitech create their own mechanical keyboards. Picking up a switch tester kit might not be a bad idea if you’re new to the hobby and want to see what options are available out there before fully committing yourself to a particular switch. 75% – The 75% basically means that this keyboard is roughly 75% the size of a full-sized keyboard. The size you choose will narrow down your case options but each size or layout, whether it’s 40 percent, 60 percent or full size, will have multiple cases to choose from. The only downside to utilizing a non-standard layout is the increased difficulty in finding appropriate keycaps, but we’ll get to that later. With pre-built boards you don’t get to choose the size or the layout. The problem with either of these options is that they are significantly more expensive than standard keysets as they are usually produced in limited runs. A popular option for the 60% layout would be the Vortex Pok3r series. While lead-free solder is less hazardous than leaded solder it also has a higher melting point which makes it much more difficult to obtain a proper bond. They provide a tactile bump on actuation while still being tame enough not to interfere when gaming and quiet enough not to annoy your neighbours. They all perform the same function and the only real consideration when selecting your plate is to make sure that the cutouts allow you to use your desired layouts and fit with your PCB and case.


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