When evaluating this industry that is still rapidly on the rise, we examined some key trends to watch out for in business travel. Business tourism trends. This article considers the various types ofbusiness travel, the influences on demand, and trends in development of facilities. Travel managers especially need to take note of this business travel trend as their female business travelers have different concerns—especially in regards to safety—than their male colleagues. 6 Tourism Industry Trends. Online Travel Agents. The tourism industry, reflecting wider societal evolution, has seen noticeable change in recent years. Share. Data Insights Blog. Business travel contributes over one trillion dollars alone to the global economy, and a survey of industry professionals (from Statista) suggests that this economic impact is only primed to increase in the coming years. A 2019 survey from SAP® Concur® revealed that 77% of female business travelers have experienced harassment or mistreatment while traveling. From sustainable travel to motion-based trips, travel trends in 2020 are greener than ever. LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Technavio has been monitoring the cultural tourism market and it is poised to grow by USD 2565.61 billion during 2020 … Global Business Tourism Market 2020 Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Outlook with Company Analysis and Forecast to 2025 Market Study Report Date: 2020-11-22 Technology Product ID: 3018597 Best-Kept Travel Secrets 5 Business Travel Trends to Watch in 2020 Be aware of this travel forecast to help you get the most out of your travels. Trends in business tourism management Fred R. Lawson There has been significant growth in the business travel sector of tourism, which includes both individual travel and organized group arrangements, eg for conferences, conventions and exhibitions. Business travel trends and news. 18 September 2019. In the past decades, OTAs merely handled organizing hotel accommodations. Business tourism trends Adventure travel Executives are increasingly attracted to the adventure venue business trip, which combines team building and strategic planning needs with adventure travel. Getty. The hospitality business is also seeing a trend in online travel agents or OTAs. Fast forward to 2019, and OTAs are diversifying their businesses, expanding into apartments and vacation rentals, as well as activities and tours, ride-sharing, food delivery, and restaurants.


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