I make no guarantee as to the accuracy of these notes. Lecture Notes in Classical Mechanics (80751) Raz Kupferman Institute of Mathematics The Hebrew University July 14, 2008 However, the Stanford School of Continuing Studies has posted 10 lectures on “Classical Mechanics” by Leonard Susskind, one of the world’s most prominent theoretical physicists, who has made many seminal contribution in elementary particle theory. Since I wrote them (while auditing the class), I have not edited them. The di®erence between the particle of the last lecture and the body in this lecture is that all the forces on the particle act through the same Chapter 1 The History and Limitations of Classical Mechanics: Course Notes: Chapter 2 Units, Dimensional Analysis, Problem Solving, and Estimation: Course Notes: Chapter 3 Vectors: Course Notes: Chapter 4 One Dimensional Kinematics: Course Notes: Chapter 5 Two Dimensional Kinematics: Course Notes: Chapter 6 Circular Motion: Course Notes Classical Mechanics: Class Notes Below you will find the notes I took while auditing Leonard Susskind’s Stanford University Lectures on Classical Mechanics (via YouTube). So, reader beware. Matter coupling and variation. Sample Daily Lecture Log (Spring 2012) Sample Website (Spring 2011) Sample Lecture notes. The theory requires modi–cation for 1. microscopic systems, e.g. Last Updated 8/19/2013: New Lectures Page Update: There is now a website dedicated to Dr. Susskind's lectures. Steven Pollock authored the lecture notes. Second rank self-coupling and the Einstein-Hilbert action. Links to lecture notes, assignments/solutions and exams/solutions are available via links in the descriptions of the individual lecture videos. Topics covered include one-dimensional motion, three-dimensional motion, Newton's laws of motion, energy and momentum conservation, circular and rotational motion, statics, planetary motion, oscillations, and wave motion. Lecture notes are organized broadly by topic. So, please visit that page for current lecture information. The theory, based on Newton™s laws of motion, provides essentially an exact description of almost all macroscopic phenomena. I will no longer maintain this page. Classical Mechanics A complete set of lecture notes for a lower-division undergraduate classical mechanics course. Stanford University's Continuing Studies program has published eleven series of lectures by Leonard Susskind… Classical Mechanics 1 Introduction Classical mechanics is important as it gives the foundation for most of physics. And, they no doubt need editing! classical mechanics lecture notes pdf provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. We have provided a PDF of lecture notes used in the Spring 2012 course. 1 - Newton's Laws and Coordinate Systems Lecture.27.pdf. It is beautifully designed, well maintained, and up-to-date. Mechanics Lecture Notes 1 Notes for lectures 2 and 3: Equilibrium of a solid body 1.1 Introduction This lecture deals with forces acting on a body at rest.


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