People use it in different projects because of its ease-of-use. Learn more about what we use cookies for in our Privacy Policy. Switch to the orbital motion to create a smooth finish. For different jobs, the requirement for the level of aggressiveness is different. In the end, we recommend the dual-action sander for their precise handling capability, versatile usability, and scratch-free sanding feature. But dual action sanders are indeed more powerful and aggressive than random orbital sanders. A standard orbital sander can leave unsightly swirl marks whereas a random tool version will not. Both DA and random-orbital sanders are great for paint stripping, rough stock removal, rounding edges, autobody metal and paint, and ultra-smooth finishes on metal and wood. Required fields are marked *. For those who do automotive body repair or lots of home improvement projects, a DA or random orbital sander is a must-have. But for other light-finishing jobs and cover corners more effectively, random orbital sanders will be your best friends. Most dual-action sanders are pneumatic, but you can purchase electric versions. What are the Differences Between a DA Sander vs Random Orbital Sander? It means that the path follows a pattern, and it passes the same route over and over again. On the other hand, sometimes, large handles can serve you better for fine finishing. The only difference is the movement. It can be used for metal preparation, feather edging, and even for the auto body work. Grip the handle and start the unit. Most are ten inches or less in length. At high RPM, the motor that sits under your hand can get hot, making the unit hard to hold. You may find models that offer both random orbit sanding patterns anddual action sanding. Dual-action sanders are a favorite for rough autobody work and serious construction projects. You can apply pressure to one place to reduce material quickly in the standard mode or move it around for overall smoothing in the random orbit mode. You may find models that offer both random orbit sanding patterns and dual action sanding. They are different in the way that the sanding pad moves. But this is not a powerful tool to remove much material. To get advantages of both sanders, we need something hybrid called a dual-action sander. Random orbital sanders have a more compact size since you use the top of the sander to control the movement. A random orbital sander is also called Dual Action (DA) sander for its movement. Locked rotation action allows you to cut through material fast (but will leave swirl marks) since you can push down firmly without stopping the disc from spinning. Here, we’ll talk about DA sander vs Random orbital sander, and these two are two common sanders in the community. Luckily, I put all the information you need right here in this guide where you’ll find: While many assume these two types of sanders are the same, they are not. When you need to tackle tedious sanding jobs, having a quality power sander in your tool kit is invaluable. The hook-and-loop sandpaper disks most often found on random-orbit sanders are easier to change than the quarter-sheets clamped on orbital sanders. Ingersoll Rand Dual Action Quiet Sander. For RO sanders, you’ll see the random motions and a path like the earth’s orbital movement. Sander’s design makes it easy to use this tool and hasslefree. Random orbital sanders cost as much as $650 for a direct-electric professional-grade model. The difference can be seen for general handle sizes. Quartz Infrared vs Oil Heater – Which Should You Choose? So, let’s get started with a little bit introduction of both sander types and try to know their differences bearing in mind that different use cases make a tool good or bad. This is a point to see a clear difference between a DA sander and an RO sander. It also is used for big jobs like wooden floors. While random orbital sanders are available for as low as $29, the average cost of a good 5 or 6-inch random orbital sander is around $75-$100. Random orbital sandersAttach sanding disc to pad. This dual-action feature provides the user with more options to complete sanding projects. And many random-orbit sanders have variable-speed switches for less aggressive sanding. Dual-action sanders tend to be longer than their random orbital counterparts due to the handle. The second mode moves the pad using an internal bearing, which gives the head a bit of a wobble and creates less friction against the surface. The short answer is “no”. On the other hand, a dual action polisher combines both the rotary and orbitals motions into one forced action. You might be familiar with a belt sander or a disc sander. Both belt sanders and disk sanders have advantages and disadvantages. Both have speed controls so that you can get your desired finish. Generally, the DA sanders come with palm-sized handles, and the RO sanders come with large handles. Dual-action sanders mainly run off powerful air compressors, which give them the strength to sand through tough material. The price rises as size, speed, and power increase. We found out that the handle size, operability, sanding path, aggressiveness, and use cases are the main differences. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And All Your Other Kerosene Questions Answered, Most Realistic Electric Fireplace Insert 2020, Best Propane Patio Heater Reviews – [UPDATED AUGUST 2020]. [highlight]The difference between this and a random orbit polisher is that a forced rotation drives both the rotating and orbiting motions. All About the Four Basic Generator Fuel Types, Does Kerosene Evaporate? However, keep in mind that its path is not uniform and gives you a random oscillation. Key Features. The sanding path of a DA sander is defined. The cost of a multi-pack of sanding, buffing, or polishing discs run between $10-$40. There are many types of sanders to do different kinds of sanding. Just above the sanding pad, the DA sander features a weight that can be locked or unlocked.


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