This Premium must go to improving the producer’s community socially, economically, or environmentally. While knowing these differences and recognizing the logos can help you identify verifiable fair trade products in the market, not every true fair trade producer has earned one of them. Going through the FLOCERT process earns an organization the right to use the Fairtrade Mark on their approved products and inducts the organization into a regional Fairtrade Producer Network.These networks are supported by Fairtrade Standard specialists that advise, train, and provide information to help these organizations comply with and grow under the Fairtrade Standards. The Fairtrade Mark is the branding provided to producers who have completed the certification process. A community of U.S. and Canadian businesses fully committed to fair trade. It is a process to help organizations new the WFTO understand and comply with the standards set forth by WFTO Fair Trade Standard. This step can involve back and forth between FLOCERT and the organization under audit to rectify any “non-conformities.” While this can be hassle, it also proves that FLOCERT and by extension Fair Trade International, wants organizations to pass through the certification process successfully. These are not necessarily mandatory to become a Guaranteed Member, but are mandatory once an organization becomes one. Explore the 100+ FTF verified stores and cafés in the U.S. and Canada! The Fairtrade Premium is similar to the Fairtrade Minimum Price in that it’s a promised amount to pay a producer for their fair trade product. This principle also provides for the employees’ right to create unions and bargain collectively. Fair Trade International is a formal and expensive certification agency and membership organization that publishes quality standards for every fair trade product imaginable. Monitoring Audit This must be completed within one year of the Self Assessment Report to ensure accurate information. Verified fair trade companies receive diverse and unique benefits, Search the 200+ verified fair trade businesses, Going Beyond Fair Wages and Safe Working Conditions, Distributor of the Pebble product line: Handmade, contemporary and ethically sourced baby toys, blankets, hats & rattles. Physical audit - conducted with the following principles: “auditors are fully impartial, there is regular rotation of auditors, auditor fees are solely paid by the certifier, and the audit report is fully documented for transparency.” This step takes as long as it takes, generally, because it is dependent on the complexity and size of the organization. It’s not just using the words fair trade and not meaning them. Benefits of the Fairtrade Mark itself are centered on the credibility it brings products that have earned the Mark. To prove it meets these criteria, an organization must provide financial statements, a list of producers, a list of wholesale vendors, and three references, one of which must come from a producer if the organization has relationships with producers. Be the first to know about new products, artisan stories, sales, and ideas on how you can make BIG impact! Working conditions. Fair Anita is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, one of our Ethiopian artisan group partners is in the process of becoming a World Fair Trade Organization member, and Fair Trade International is one of the most recognizable fair trade logos. It’s nine fair trade principles are loosely based on the WFTO’s ten principles, but are tailored to organizations that sell products made all over the world in North America. Each of these organizations has developed its own standards for for being a “true fair trade” organization and differentiating between them can be difficult. Fair Payment WFTO outlines fair payment as Fair Prices, Fair Wages, and Local Living Wage. If the audit report is approved by FLOCERT, then another three year cycle begins. Sometimes these are allegations made about the organization specifically and sometimes these are higher level environmental factors that put the organization at greater risk for violating Fair Trade International’s standards. The application itself only requires filling out the application form and paying the necessary fee. Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Women’s Economic Empowerment, and Freedom of Association This WFTO principle requires the organization to not only refrain from discriminating themselves but to have a plan to promote gender equity in the community. Published by Lauren Hepburn on Aug 28th 2018. As with all these organizations, dues are expected of member organizations. Applicants must also describe how their operations supports each of the nine principles. ( Salaries must be equal or higher than the regional average or than the minimum wage in effect. The organization must also be primarily focused on trade in North America, having operations and paying taxes in either the U.S. or Canada. Saved by Lili Chacma. Trade Logo Trade Federation Made In America Life Skills American Made Fair Trade Unique Gifts Learning Logos. Shop Fair, Shop Local, Shop Small, Shop Now. We strive to produce the best and most affordable products in fair trade. After the initial $85 application fee, annual dues for the FTF are based on a graduated scale based on sales revenue. They are the ones who could object to you using it. Health and safety measures must be established in order to avoid work-related injuries. Fair Trading Practices WFTO defines fair trading practices along social, economic and environmental dimensions, especially how those dimensions impact the marginalized small producers they work with. You will need to ask the Fair Trade Federation for permission to use their logo.


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