It helps boost kidney function while preventing further damage (8). First up, here are the worst foods for your kidneys. This is because they are very low in potassium and phosphorus but high in many other important nutrients. Many foods may help support an already healthy kidney and prevent damage to this organ. Too much phosphorus can put stress on the kidneys. Plus, it’s low in potassium, phosphorus, and sodium, with one cup (70 grams) of shredded cabbage containing (38): Although a limited protein intake is necessary for some people with kidney issues, providing the body with an adequate amount of high quality protein is vital for health. Kale is packed with vitamin A, C and calcium, working to keep your bladder and kidneys healthy. The researchers indicated that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in protein might help reduce these risks. Diabetic diet and kidney disease; First-line potassium-lowering dietary advice; Manage your fluid intake; Potassium foods; The phosphorus pyramid; Tips to lower your sodium intake; To order your copy call the helpline on 0800 169 0936 or email [email protected] Food with Thought, tasty recipes for kidney patients and their families. Garlic also offers a range of health benefits. People with CKD can work directly with a dietitian to create a suitable diet plan that meets their needs. Further, it is known that garlic juice helps in preventing renal reperfusion-induced injury. The kidneys filter waste materials from the…. However, there is a need for more studies to investigate this risk. Initial research has shown that people who eat a lot of red meat have a higher risk of end-stage kidney disease than those who eat less red meat. When the kidneys aren’t working properly, waste builds up in the blood, including waste products from food (5). However, as sweet potato is a high-potassium food, anyone who has CKD or is on dialysis may wish to limit their intake of this vegetable. Sea Bass; Sea bass contains healthy fats called omega-3s. Good kidney and liver function are essential for optimal health 2. One cup (145 grams) of cooked shiitake mushroom contains (59): The kidney-friendly foods above are excellent choices for people following a renal diet. Blueberries. It is always best to talk to a licensed dietitian before moving forward with any dietary changes. All rights reserved. As the National Kidney Foundation note, omega-3 fats may reduce fat levels in the blood and also slightly lower blood pressure. People with CKD should aim to eat healthful foods that are low in these minerals but still provide the body with other nutrients. Uncontrolled blood sugar and high blood pressure cause damage to blood vessels in the kidneys, reducing their ability to function optimally (4). Garlic provides a delicious alternative to salt, adding flavor to dishes while providing nutritional benefits. One tablespoon (13.5 grams) of olive oil contains (35): Bulgur is a whole grain wheat product that makes a terrific, kidney-friendly alternative to other whole grains that are high in phosphorus and potassium. This nutritious grain is a good source of B vitamins, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Foods that assist in maintaining healthy potassium levels are especially good for the kidneys. Protein. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Choosing the right amount of potassium is also important for people with CKD, as problems may occur when potassium levels get too high or low. In addition to being very low in minerals such as sodium and potassium, red bell peppers contain helpful antioxidant compounds, which may protect the cells from damage. You may think drinking extra fluids is a no-brainer for increasing kidney … It’s also a gluten-free grain, making buckwheat a good choice for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Kidney stones can develop due to a buildup of concentrated minerals in the kidneys. Kidney stones are crystalized minerals that form in the kidneys. For people with CKD, some foods may be difficult for the body to process and might place more stress on the kidney. Water. What’s more, onions are high in vitamin C, manganese, and B vitamins and contain prebiotic fibers that help keep your digestive system healthy by feeding beneficial gut bacteria (42). Most people with chronic kidney disease can get all the vitamins and nutrients they need by following a healthy, well balanced diet. MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. Two large egg whites (66 grams) contain (30): People with kidney problems are advised to limit the amount of sodium in their diet, including added salt. Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, How to tell the difference between kidney pain and back pain, High-potassium foods to avoid with kidney disease. If you're looking to improve your overall kidney … A half cup (58 grams) of sliced radishes contains (49): Turnips are kidney-friendly and make an excellent replacement for vegetables that are higher in potassium like potatoes and winter squash. The anti-inflammatory property of apple makes it a good food for maintaining kidney health. This article reviews whether mayo is safe when…, Apples are highly nutritious, but you may wonder whether they can really keep the doctor away. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases recommend that people with CKD eat less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium each day. Sweet potatoes are similar to white potatoes, but their excess fiber may cause them to break down more slowly, resulting in less of a spike in insulin levels. A half cup (84 grams) of cooked buckwheat contains (32): Olive oil is a healthy source of fat and phosphorus-free, making it a great option for people with kidney disease. Research has shown that there is a correlation between high phosphorous intake and an increased risk of long-term damage to the kidneys. Although it may sound unappetizing, the popular of kale is for a good reason. For most people with advanced kidney disease, it’s important to follow a kidney-friendly diet that helps decrease the amount of waste in the blood. Reducing salt intake can be challenging, making finding flavorful salt alternatives a must. The kidneys are small but powerful bean-shaped organs that perform many important functions. Plus, mashed cauliflower can be used in place of potatoes for a low potassium side dish. It can give other foods a more satisfying, full flavor, which may reduce the need for extra salt. The kidneys are small organs in the lower abdomen that play a significant role in the overall health of the body. As the authors of a 2016 article note, diet is the most significant risk factor for CKD-related death and disability, making dietary changes a key part of treatment. This nutritious green also contains nitrates, which have been shown to lower blood pressure, an important benefit for those with kidney disease (44). Buckwheat is highly nutritious, providing a good amount of B vitamins, magnesium, iron, and fiber. One cup (148 grams) of fresh blueberries contains (21): Sea bass is a high quality protein that contains incredibly healthy fats called omega-3s. These brightly colored peppers are loaded with the powerful antioxidant vitamin C. In fact, one small red bell pepper (74 grams) contains 105% of the recommended intake of vitamin C. They are also loaded with vitamin A, an important nutrient for immune function, which is often compromised in people with kidney disease (40). They are also packed with healthy fats, B vitamins, magnesium, copper, iron, and manganese. Kidney disease is a common problem affecting about 10% of the world’s population (1). Eggs are a simple protein, but the yolks are very high in phosphorous. Cranberries can be eaten dried, cooked, fresh, or as a juice. However, people with chronic kidney disease will need to follow a different set of dietary rules to protect their kidneys from further damage. They are responsible for filtering waste products, releasing hormones that regulate blood pressure, balancing fluids in the body, producing urine, and many other essential tasks (2). Cauliflower is a nutritious vegetable that’s a good source of many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin K, and the B vitamin folate. Plus, pineapple is rich in fiber, manganese, vitamin C, and bromelain, an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation (51). Omega-3s help reduce inflammation and may help decrease the risk of cognitive decline, depression, and anxiety (22, 23, 24). A half-cup (91-gram) serving of bulgur contains (36): Cabbage belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and powerful plant compounds. Additionally, their peppery taste makes a flavorful addition to low sodium dishes. They can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Remember to always discuss your food choices with your healthcare provider to ensure that you are following the best diet for your individual needs. For example, people in the early stages of kidney disease have different restrictions than those with kidney failure, also known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD) (6, 7). Here are 8 tasty fish…. This can lead…, Kidney function tests are simple blood and urine tests that can help identify problems with your kidneys. Making good food choices can reduce the workload on the kidneys and prevent the progression of kidney disease.


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