67 68 69. 1. Detail of Ascending . Wiki User Answered . Finger Pattern 2: Level 1: G Major: 2 Octaves: Scale: Finger Pattern 1 (Bottom Octave) & Finger Pattern 2 (Top Octave) Level 1: G Major: 2 Octaves: Arpeggio: Finger Pattern 1 (Bottom Octave) & Finger Pattern 2 (Top Octave) Level 1: E Minor Harmonic: 1 Octave: Scale: Finger Pattern 1 (1st string only) & 2nd Finger Pattern with extended 3rd finger: 1 sharp - G Major. Note that the scale starts with the open G string. This isn’t the typical one-octave variety, this is a two-octave scale running from one end of the neck to the other. Therefore, you need the ability to shift from lower to higher positions. Why learn this? What does a G major scale look like with two octaves? Detail of Descending >> Next 1 octave (left hand) Sponsored links. This time the scale starts with the open D string. If you would like a violin fingering chart which is not here, drop me a note using the contact page and I'll see if … 4. G major, 2 Octaves. Zoom and Highlight . G Major has one sharp, F, therefore, when playing the F you will raise it one scale degree. Whole View . D major, 1 Octave. Asked by Wiki User. 12.12.2014. 3. Many songs melodies are greater than an octave in range. 24.03.2015. Sponsored links. Piano Fingering Figures. Twitter Facebook Pocket. 2. 2008-02-23 03:37:26 2008-02-23 03:37:26. In this video, I go over the G major scale for banjo. G Major scale 2 octaves (right hand) Sponsored links. Sharp keys. If you want to go into a two-octave scale and make the exercise a little longer and more challenging (highly recommended), allow the scale to span from the lowest G (Open G string) to the next G (3rd finger on the D string), and then expand and play all the notes leading up to the next G (second finger on the E string). Share? Piano Fingering Figures. Top Answer. G Major 17 D Major 25 A Major 33 E Major 41 Eb Major 49 Bb Major 57 F Major. On this page you can learn the G major violin scale.Build up your understanding in different ways by using the video to link your aural and visual memories, the fingering guide to link your intellectual and physical memories, and the 'visual grid' to link the physical, visual and intellectual memories. A major, 2 Octaves. Answer. B flat major, 2 Octaves. This makes the scale twice as long. Home.


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