I'm not sure it's the right thing to do, but when that happens, I sheer them back hard. I have planted two dianthus plants. New buds attacked by this fungus stop maturing and the buds become covered with a fuzzy gray mold. Buds, which look like those of roses, begin to open in early to mid-summer, starting at the bottom of the stem and continuing upward. Mancozeb is a fungicide that will help prevent an attack of botrytis blight, though some copper fungicides are effective as well. The bloom time of each lisianthus stem (and there are many stems per plant), from the first bud opening to the last, is two to four weeks. Hi Barb, just wanted to let you know that my dianthus do exactly the same thing once we hit the hottest part of the summer. It has done its thing and now you just cut/break the flowers off and let it get bigger. The stems below the bud usually start turning a pale green and then brown as the fungal disease spreads and takes hold. Your Dianthus sounds fine. They have colorful blooms in numerous shades of pink, white, red and purple. I had one lovely flower open up. Which one do you have? In this same bed I have purple pansies in this same bed and while I do see the buds on these plants, when they open something is chewing holes in the petals. Some of them even bloom again before winter. The green leaves on the plants are doing fine, but the there are never buds...just "white" on the ends of the stems as if the bud was broken off. The blooms open in spring and will last until frost, if provided with the right growing conditions and care. A tall one or an alpine groundcover one? It had a few small buds on it when I bought it, but a few weeks later all except one fell off, just when they looked about to open. You may get the odd flower but it won't flower again until next year. They seem to like that, and they do look nice again once the temperatures go back down. There are approximately 300 species of dianthus to choose from, in biennial, annual and perennial varieties. I have a dianthus whatfield can-can, which I planted in early May. A few of the taller varieties are annuals or biennials.


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