Luna's howl is a better choice than Not Forgotten after the nerf to hand cannons Discussion So I know that with the sandbox crucible update, all hand cannons got a nerf, specifically damage falloff. hide. Ready for more Competitive playlist? Only three real steps in the entire quest, but as you can see, it’s one of the most difficult in the game. However, once you get Luna’s with one character, any of your characters can start the Not Forgotten quest and make progress. You may opt-out by. Code of the Siegebreaker gives Titans faster ability recharge. And obviously getting Not Forgotten comes with a pretty significant first step: To even get the quest for Not Forgotten in the first place, you need to get Luna’s Howl, its lesser companion pinnacle, first. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. I do not recommend them, and yet I know people who have done this and they are perfectly happy with the Not Forgotten they now own. Pick up the other quest from Shaxx, titled “Keepsake,” and head back into Competitive with your new gun. Only truly dedicated Crucible players are likely to receive this one. You need to pick up 100 precision kills in Competitive with hand cannons. Archived. The final step of the quest is to reach the Fabled rank in Glory. There are three options to get to Legends. Get carried – Lots of PvP players, streamers or otherwise, enjoy carrying people to Legend, or at least part of the way there, and you can hop on reddit or discord or some LFG sites to try and find a team who wants to take you for a ride. I'm currently on the grind for Luna's Howl on the solar kill step. Don’t forget that your current light level doesn’t matter in the normal Crucible—not even for gear drops—so you can use guns with great perks instead of high levels. Yikes! Is grinding for Not Forgotten worth the stress if I already have Luna's? Even if Luna’s is a very good hand cannon, that’s still quite a requirement. Naming a badass gun after your pal is a great homage. Not forgotten has more range, but way more recoil. 8 comments. This will take some time and lots of patience, but it will happen eventually. This can either be paying people to carry you as you play, or giving people your account and having them play for you (again, do not recommend). Paid carries – These exist. That’s true of many pinnacle weapons, which you can get at any time, no matter when you join, and it’s true of what might be the hardest pinnacle weapon to get of them all, Not Forgotten, the hand cannon. 2. Not Forgotten vs Luna's Howl. Best of luck to you. Luna’s quest is longer, but less difficult without a Legend rank requirement, but it’s going to be a doozy. Now that you’ve gotten Luna’s Howl, you can actually win a super-charged version of the gun called Not Forgotten. Get good – I mean, just play your heart out and eventually reach the skill level where you can get there on your own. In season four, that weapon is called Luna’s Howl, and it’s a beauty of a hand cannon that’s capable of triple-tapping enemies. So, you’ve hopefully won some of your Competitive matches. I destroyed the final 100 precision kill step with Crimson, in its current buffed state. Look, I’m not gonna lie, if you’re the type of person looking up a guide for Not Forgotten this late in the game, hitting Legend Glory in Survival is probably going to be a massive challenge, no offense. Posted by 1 year ago. Head back to Lord Shaxx in the Tower. My glory is hovering around 4000-4500 so I think Not Forgotten is definitely attainable this season. And don’t get frustrated, because you’re almost at the finish line.


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