magnesium oxide reacts with carbon dioxide according to the following reaction: MgO + CO2 = MgCO3. Magnesium oxide (Mg O), or magnesia, is a white hygroscopic solid mineral that occurs naturally as periclase and is a source of magnesium (see also oxide).It has an empirical formula of Mg O and consists of a lattice of Mg 2+ ions and O 2− ions held together by ionic bonding. One reaction that takes place is the reaction between iron(III) oxide and carbon: iron(III) oxide + carbon → iron + carbon dioxide. At high temperatures, MgCO3 decomposes to magnesium oxide and carbon dioxide, this process is called calcining: MgCO3 → MgO + CO2. mixture containing MgO is placed in a 4.00L container. Magnesium oxide is very strongly bonded and can be used in the lining of a furnace that can melt high carbon cast iron hundreds of times so I would say there is no reaction between carbon and magnesium oxide except that some reaction might be possible at temperatures well above 2500 degrees Celsius and in such a case magnesium carbide (not carbonate)is formed. Magnesium carbonate decomposes into magnesium oxide and carbon dioxide. Magnesium will react with cabon dioxide, when heated, forming magnesium oxide and elemental carbon [6]: 2 Mg (s) + CO 2 (g) 2 MgO (s) + C (s) Reaction of magnesium with carbonates. the reaction of magnesium oxide with carbon: MgO + C → Mg + CO (t = 2000 oC). Mg(II) is precipitated by carbonate ions as an alkaline carbonate. Uses The reaction of the formed sulfide of magnesium oxide and sulphur. A 3.45g? That's an easy one to balance as long as know the products. 3. the reaction of magnesium oxide with sulfur: 2МдО + 3S → 2MgS + SO2. MgCO3 + H2SO4 → MgSO4 + CO2 + H2O. The reaction between magnesium oxide and carbon at 2000C to form magnesium metal and carbon monoxide is an example of the reduction of magnesium oxide to magnesium metal. The reaction produces magnesium oxide and carbon. The overall reaction rate depends on the solid phase-boundary reaction between magnesia and carbon particles. When dissolved with acid, magnesium carbonate decomposes with release of carbon dioxide: MgCO3 + 2 HCl → MgCl2 + CO2 + H2O. Reaction of magnesium with carbon dioxide. Here's the equation: MgCO3 --> MgO + CO2.


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