I for one like not having it as I feel it’s unnecessary and is too loud. If you need more than one door then you will have to have a separate sensor. It tends to jump out at me because quads tend to rely a lot on automatic door openers and people are always trying to get around manufacturer safety throttles so the doors will close faster. Craftman’s parent company Chamberlain and LiftMaster manuals and design seem similar, if not identical except for the stickers. Basically you will attach the sensor to your door whether with supplied screws or mounting strips; I used the strips since my garage door is metal. @copyninja replied as well with the steps. Press and hold the Settings button (gear) on the Wi-Fi hub until the blue LED blinks then release. And one of them lists Chamberlain as an acceptable example. When you close the garage the hub lets off a pretty loud beeping until the door is finished closing. How loud, how long. The hub is mounted on the ceiling of the garage with a provided bracket and screws with anchors. There is a delay from the hub to the app to let you know what state the garage is in. This is why the manufacturer sets the device to only respond “status unknown” after a power outage until a manual cycle is completed. Seems wired this way because no one may be there to warn others on a closure via the Internet/Gateway. Does Chamberlain let you turn off the beep once you have it? Could be it didn’t take right the first time? You can now use your phone as a garage door opener as long as you have the app; so essentially you can have as many openers as you need. Mine did not beep at all until I installed the Gateway Kit which comes with a new Wall Controller/Interface, the controller would only beep for 10 seconds prior to a remote (App) closure, not during a normal wall controller or car remote closure. but the main point is the the Consumer Product Safety Commission (government) and Underwriters Laboratories (trade association) have agreed that certain safety features should be built into UL approved devices. Whatever else there is, chamberlain does not let customers turn off the alert-to-close in their own app. Hold the button until the yellow LED turns off. As @copyninja has stated, he’d like to be able to have the beeper function but hasn’t figured out how to make it work. If your smartapp disables a safety feature the manufacturer considers mandatory, it raises a lot of issues. When you close the garage the hub lets off a pretty loud beeping until the door is finished closing. There were quite a few choices; ones that work using Bluetooth and are wired into the opener and what I opted for one that connects to your home network. No, the beeping sound from the garage door opener is an alert for persons near the garage door to stay away from the garage door while it closes. Samsung's SmartThings announces new hub, sensors and premium subscription... https://github.com/copy-ninja/SmartThings_MyQ, https://graph.api.smartthings.com/login/auth. I looked up the code for our area, only mentions you need to have a safety device that will halt closing of the door to prevent possible entrapment, probing a few other random areas seems to render the same. I’m sure if ST ever accomplishes an official integration I’ll be putting some tape over the beeper to muffle it. The only references to beeping in any of the MyQ/AssureLink manuals I looked at are similar to the attached. When I’ve run into this problem setting things up, (and I admit I am still REALLY new to this) but I usually just wipe out the Smart App and Smart Device and restart from scratch. It’s not a contact sensor. I don’t know if liftmaster was worried you might not hear the warning over a running lawnmower, or maybe during a gunfight. Do you have a copy of some local code requiring some type of alarm for closing or any other actions? (Manual cycle doesn’t mean physically lifting the door, it means operating it with a control permanently installed in line of sight to the door.). Load MyQ Service Manager145 in SmartApp57 section, Load MyQ Garage Door Opener96 and MyQ Light Controller63 in SmartDevice44 section, In your mobile app, tap the “+”, go to “My Apps”, furnish your log in details and pick your gateway brand, and a list of devices will be available for you to pick. I only noticed it did not beep with this code, others have said they are glad it didn’t, I was hoping for at least an option to have it. The first couple of times the beeper went off, my wife and kids were not sure what was happening. I think the only thing that I see might have changed is the Tabs are gone, you’ll get a blank screen to paste the code into, so it’s even a little easier. And disabling a built in safety feature will void at least part of your warranty with the garage lift company in most. Hard to explain, easy to just poke around and go for it… Installation: 1) Load MyQ Service Manager in SmartApp section 2) Load MyQ Garage Door Opener in SmartDevice section 3) Publish all of the above 4) In your mobile app, tap the “+”, go to “My Apps”, furnish your log in details and pick your gateway brand, and a list of devices will be available for you to pick. I hate to say it, but give someone a temp password to load the code for you, then change the password back right after it’s loaded. But I don’t know if Chambelain’s exceeds it. Furthermore, the beeper gives you very little indication of what is happening. Most of them non legal, Thank goodness I live in a state where they don’t have a rule against everything. i’ll post the steps to adding it once i’m back from travelling. In a worst case scenario the beeper scares a young child to run through the closing door. This will only sound if you close the door from the app so if using the button on the wall this is not an issue. Does the UL text get into specifics about the warning (e.g. Clear Button #1 and #2. Preset times for your garage door to close or your lights to turn on/off every day. CES 2015 Smartthings Summary… Not seeing much progress or support on on an official release of Chamberlain MyQ Opener integrations? Perhaps they wanted to ensure the closing door awakened everyone in the house. The concern, as can happen with SmartThings, is that you initiate unsupervised closing when you’re not there to see if a child/pet is nearby. This can become annoying and there is no option to turn it off. (See MyQ link above.) Linear’s 2014 press release about UL certification for their zwave-enabled lift controller mentions the UL-required audible warning for unattended closures. Pretty specific. I set up the myQ Smart Garage Hub over the weekend and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to disable the warning beep that occurs when you close a garage door. Maybe they think people are either inside the car or on the sidewalk outside during closing? Still haven’t figured out why the one did and this one doesn’t. Packaging comes with simple instructions to follow and it is a less than 30 minute installation. Thank you for creating this! This is why many home automation systems just put a wrapper around the lift operator’s code and let that company keep up with al the various consumer safety laws regarding the device. Fully agree, everyone is spending more $ on all these sensors vs a gateway or new unit, thus there is more backdooring going on anyway. But the current (2010) standard does have an alert-to-close beep requirement. http://www.linearcorp.com/docs/Linear-GD00Z-Earns-UL-325-Certification_PR.pdf, Launching with Lowe's Iris home automation in 2014, Linear’s GD00Z is first UL-compliant Z-Wave controller for garage-door openers. Its nothing major but is there even when you are on the same network as the hub. A motorized garage door should have four possible states: Open, Opening, Closing, and Closed. This can become annoying and there is no option to turn it off. I’m still not seeing anything mandating this type of audible alert for remote closures or any type of closure. Securely invite up to five users to control your myQ devices. In any case I wished they would have put a little more thought into their warning device perhaps making the lights on the opener flash and including volume control. However even in this case the photoeyes would stop the door. Not seeing an option in the manuals for MyQ or Assurelink, but there are many other undocumented options for syncing lights and a few other nice features, so officially none that I can find. Still wish it showed up under the Door & Locks though. The beeper is so loud, all your neighbors will know your door is closing. Checked all the ANSI regs, only talks about the entrapment protection devices that all units made after 1991 must have, although most mfg’s were already installing these systems voluntary back as far as 1982. Not beeping is illegal in some jurisdictions. The standard is UL 325. If such is the case, you should probably not use this smart app. Also there's leaving the house; I have to go through the back door and yard or do the awkward hurdle over the sensors as the door closes on me. Compatibility Tool Total Garage Control. In fact, in many places you’re supposed to put a warning sign on a garage door that is “broken” (not beeping, not reversing, etc). "Technology is cool, but you've got to use it as opposed to letting it use you."


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