Childbearing is exciting and often frightening for expectant mothers. I have been thinking of which I feel more confortable with and I feel more towards prenatal nursing now, however I looked it up and theres more about neonatal nursing vs. prenatal. Registered Nurse – Perinatal Intensive Care Nursing is a postgraduate program that prepares Registered Nurses to provide comprehensive care to critically ill newborns and their families in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Research and theoretical perspectives provide the foundation of … According to Payscale in 2019, neonatal nurses earn a higher salary, on average, than pediatric nurses. Neonatal nurses can further their education by completing a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) or Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist program and attaining an APRN license. Perinatal nurses teach labor and delivery classes, so couples can be prepared as much as possible for this life-changing event. These infants may be very premature, or they may have a health condition that requires specialized treatment. Something about prenatal nurses also beong referred to as registered nurses. As adjectives the difference between perinatal and neonatal is that perinatal is of or pertaining to the time around birth while neonatal is of or pertaining to the period of … Even the healthiest of women need occasional visits to the doctor during a pregnancy, and obstetric nurses assist with their care. The job duties and educational paths are different for nurse midwives and neonatal nurses, but both careers offer excellent earning potential, job outlooks and job satisfaction. Characteristics of a Perinatal Nurse So now I am on the fence. Most studies that link neonatal outcomes with levels of perinatal care indicate that morbidity and mortality for very low birth weight (VLBW) infants are improved when delivery occurs in a subspecialty facility rather than a basic or specialty facility even after adjustments for severity of illness. The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses' (AWHONN) Guidelines for Professional Registered Nurse Staffing for Perinatal Units, released on September 28, 2010, were developed in response to the many changes that have occurred in perinatal care in recent decades and the challenges of providing adequate nurse staffing on contemporary perinatal units. They collaborate with obstetricians, perinatal nurse practitioners and midwives on many occasions throughout the day for the health of their patients. As a neonatal nurse specialist, you work with the sickest and smallest infants in the hospital. Level of Care, Patient Volume, and Outcome. Difference Between Obstetric Nursing & Neonatal Nursing.


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