Although they can lay some eggs till their 7 years of age. Try to determine the demand of poultry products in your area. Build a good house in your selected land with all modern facilities. The feed is swallowed and passes on to the stomach and gizzard. as litter. The road facility should be good for the farm. Ostrich Poultry farming is a wide industry. A: Chickens generally lay eggs during the day time. The broiler chickens are most often slaughtered within their 4 to 7 weeks of age. Then, select a very good location for your poultry farm. A: No, there is no need of sweeping the house daily. Utilities and public amenities-: You would need some public utilities like electricity and water to run your commercial poultry farm. Some foods are also toxic for them. Raising and caring for poultry birds is relatively easy. A: The Rhode Island Red chicken is considered as the best egg laying chicken breed with annual 250 eggs. A: The floor of your poultry house should be made of concrete, and the roof can be made of concrete, asbestos, hatched roof etc. One of the major determinants of profitability in poultry farming is site selection. A: This is among the top poultry farming faq asked by the farmers. Cleaning the floor is also important to prevent the grown of worm. The medium to large poultry farms must generally be situated at least 1km from the nearest built-up areas while small scale operations must be at least 500m from built-up areas be they commercial, industrial or residential. It will be better if the house is in north to south direction. Changing the old litter beds after a certain period of time. You should not keep the sick birds together with the healthy ones. Home » Business ideas » Agriculture Industry » Livestock Farming » Poultry Farming » Choosing your Poultry Farm Location – 10 Factors to Consider. Wind direction-: The prevailing wind direction of the area would give you an idea of how much distance you need to provide between your poultry farm and other residences. Absence of a good drainage system may lead to erosion and cause great problems for your farm. As farms move closer to residential areas, neighbors … People are raising poultry birds for long time for the purpose of producing foods and also for making an additional income source. For instance, it is recommended that you provide a setback of at least 500 feet from other residences that are not poultry farms; for public areas and places like schools or churches, the recommended setback is 1,500 feet, for public roadways 150 feet and for streams, 100 feet. For instance, if you start with 1,500 birds, soon enough your herd would grow to about 3000 birds and you cannot rear 3,000 birds in the same space you used for 1500 birds. Rabbit Currently popularity of poultry farming business is increasing and it is definitely a profitable business. Hence, you need to start planning for the growth of your business; you must ensure that the site you choose has enough space for expansion. Purchase birds from reliable and reputable suppliers or breeders in your area. Total world population is increasing rapidly, and as a result demand for foods is also increasing. Here in this guide we are trying to describe more about all these poultry farming faq. The farm must be elevated from the ground. If you want to start producing and packaging meat in the future for example, you would need space for that. Therefore, it is very important to plan adequately for expansion in this business. In almost any country in the world that you visit, you would find a huge market for poultry products because poultry products are regarded as healthy meals. 4. Keeping records is very important for running a successful poultry farm. Poultry farming business can create income source for the rural people within a very short period of time and it is highly profitable. Construct House. A: Roosters are not mandatory for the hens to lay eggs. A: Hens do not stop laying eggs with age, be their egg production decrease with age. A chicken house in Seagrove, N.C. North Carolina is one of the country's largest poultry producers. A: Chickens are free-ranging birds. Poultry The poultry houses are to be located in non-residential areas. Generally both meat and eggs have good demand in the market. Generally the hens lay eggs in good amount for 3-4 years. While selecting the farm location, consider transportation system and medication facilities also.


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