Write a qbasic program to enter your name, city, country, age and print them. 10 0 obj .����G�`x���,�D�695����y��]}'' �j+�W&:(����"tƠ�0�\��ѭ. �nX�{σ�w7�FX^�l��ga�Z�Φ�:��{���n�É���"��8�]����?ji��������|��E�z��0��0&��_���//ޢ��z��5q޼yG>�8u_�9�4�{EU�7A�ެn�W�������u �:�2���}t�0a�X���ӫtŴ��`� &��?����ܒ��h�3%/o'���r�°�m��&���ڤ،*�f�i]Q]�LI�/�xw1i���Y̸�X�,f�9+�(��UR�WC�����ꬌ��1��Z��� ��*�M�%���1W��U:ƍ�o���I�y�p6��n�/���� print out the name of the employee and the wage. Again Variables in QBASIC division into two types: 1. << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] Unknown March 7, 2017 at 5:44 PM. �}�+���E��(E�s2sw���lk��1Z3Q ��l�8���#6=���LWx�����^��"��ݗ�x�����=^���l��ߎ�X��� ��}m�nm��! 2�%������1�?�;U� endobj "��¥����`BKR/5�Ƶ��1T\�>u�pIX%�26 X�cn;�0�R��BQ�TsX��3��tn �8��Q�:�����R{��eT{g�AzF3�G"E���)#�:{]�wF�;,eS;� �>Ǡ��_�s��05uj�[ݪ�q�$�Y�rycVٚ�"��Gp o?���כ�[f�=N�N�}m��ߢ�1R�^�X�$TF��h���ӳ�o#� �Ze߀�e$`��^�+(S���R�#�9�S� J(��nԡf�t���R���S��୺w@%��'o`L�p�� g��� O`:���T��������]$�'���8�#q��8�#�_H�=�?X�`���2ts߹��Qr� �%ڸ���7D}��T���9�G���ώ����ӑ����ɯ�Cb�{ ���R��I�g�nng�g��3"$�ɏP ���8����dS�\��*�: �P#aѐx5�'0mi��׮���X=�����lηO�q�V 6 0 obj endobj '�76=F�_��q V����%>��_����d��/Φ��7�+ w�A��k&���3�mT����>����3g�W!ZW��U�X�泫����X�a��l��E�Y3h�/����;��~�����te�B��TZ�i�C���:Kw_�G3� �?͚�O߻�� Learned 2 0 obj It is refreshingly different in a number of ways. endstream endobj startxref KĢX�*Yl���,�Ҁ�X�h����`�/�r h�bbd``b`��S@D$�`Y$x��g+�`�b� �{ �3 ���ҡ�F�%L�L�@#n����_ �; Write a program to find the area of a rectangle. 0 Beginner's Programming Tutorial in QBasic This document is meant to get you started into programming, and assumes you have some experience with computers and with Windows 95 (or 98, etc.). files; Further programming examples. << /Length 11 0 R /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 441 /Height 639 /ColorSpace ���4�NOy�"gߋES���_�6�b�=����z��G,�y�����磢��u�ǿ�%?l?�mі|RP�j�坝a�fR�-��H��X*�ټe�H���\'1���bְX��n����݉6)��BP�{��e���f\-ˆ]�?��jY�o�wY,z�A��|4&W�n�v2w=�����m��&�z�(��y[.��Tt b(��T�v��_mJ��! %PDF-1.3 ���&�� including 0 .for example: (A,b,c…..,A0,b1,c2,Ab,ba,bv,zx). 410 x콇S[k����/E�HG:A9�� 5 0 obj Replies. In this article, we will see some QBasic programming examples and some simple exercises to understand how it works.. endobj >> 4 0 obj Write a QBasic program to enter your name and print it. h��U�o�0�W�Îc;�4Mj� endobj � << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Variables In QBASIC . stream String Variables. However, this book, Practical Computing With QBASIC is not just a book on BASIC programming. The aims and objectives of this book is towards adequate and effective knowledge of programming using QBasic. >> /Font << /F1.1 9 0 R >> /XObject << /Im1 10 0 R >> >> (s�L�Q�n,�VWj��dmc�F܉!�٢�ChB��`x[p� ? Reply. endstream Reply Delete. This is because you never told the computer to erase the screen before printing the next line. %PDF-1.5 %���� )�������U=�Uݫ���M���6�-Oww�?6Bj��o-B�&JO�ys����K�&3��0S��PR�F_�v>���q��6�9�X��N�R,�K���JHH�"��!�0����VGqq��:��/��NG;�ԯ���z���C�VO��0�gB���5��DV� ����L]\$� %��������� �o��O.��%��FGe9��"g�e �%x �O������ �Qo&F%�SVD�a��e-{ܹ3�4f����e��Z����I�x%��18�� �����#���-�v]�b���3|8�X�EbY ���|i� SpqR�WZ�[`%3���X#X ���x� Since this tutorial is written for people who don't like to read a lot of text, it includes a number of examples. The first word of your program (PRINT) is a command that instructs the computer to print to the QBasic editor’s output screen whatever is inside the quotation marks. r~���� ��������}�������׼�@-��X��g�l�(ցx������W�~d�s.�e�� ����Bp2��"�;��_��T��v�`,ǀ͢l�l����Q���pO�y���[�R"Z��Е5�p�?�e��������0��ܟ� << /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] /ColorSpace << /Cs1 7 0 R 677 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<454349FD2533004FA697C1CA61155735>]/Index[662 24]/Info 661 0 R/Length 82/Prev 210379/Root 663 0 R/Size 686/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream ��6-C����F�i�db���]l�-����x8�r���}�b�� f��E3�`q 7 0 R /Interpolate true /SMask 12 0 R /BitsPerComponent 8 /Filter /FlateDecode w�?�{̠��6�uB�meJDGF��NG���P���;W H�n�8AF���k�5�*{`d��譨������FC�5�˧�7�����9 ��!��p,��ʞ{��|+�K�V��4���w��b��&G7��ӌ��'��~5���3�j��,�cM��2��]_'[{ϛ�#�cs �0����>ϧ����C Z�����Q����[�c^��ϼ��R������M��=E�Z�]���^\Ҿ�t�e'�H >���#X7"��~���c��{��q�k'��6��� ���� ~b�Q���~*�g��k�w`��(��@-��C�\�L��7P���a/33A?0$��D1;�(���O�`r�O $�R������������|];�kL}�8��A1&�&h�&s�=� ���|Lx,%*A�p"r�#iY�5��S�G@" Y���ﵯ��߁��G؁. � ƑhL�9��c�1�����o�ޙ��}�v�jkk���f�G�W͵��t��ָ�����GGB�O�>|��q��_��8p�������_�������׼^ja��s��=�����A�99�N'��f��w`�w�e���8�y���A&>����J��j}����t���geA�������;��_�p��@0p4� O����k��$>���d��˱��u�������>��>;�CA�y���߁��߁��+P���1�Lc�f2q̄-����q�\�Z�{_;��ed��u[��}^�������|���� �G`�(����}�������׼ xj�] ˱�t0 d�@9�u:��Ғ�$�Lx�mVP���� ��� write a single Qbasic program to compute the wage earned by an employee named paul who worked for a total of 68hrs 27mins. Ano Review Exercises 129 Ian! %%EOF stream �0'VYr�ol�$D��!�(o^+�C >> �� �RQ�� LR. '��.���[�x���X����޺I�fHZ��-�pn�B�B+$�Q1��*���j���u��~��T!Q���dZ�U��P��pi�N��4s���0�I���l���Ț= 662 0 obj <> endobj endstream endobj 666 0 obj <>stream x�TMO�@��W�B�;���J�I��K/��D#*���mj�mB�t���{o�}oSX q��X�,:���r������\���U�d%��y�}"��a0�J�9\� ��6c>�쎐� �Q�?89=�"M!�ۼ�u��K� ��(M�y1ꏋ�d0��q�&��)�K\l�44����2�Q-�Ek���Zj-(��D~Z#��C�|7d�B��Fh�I�/d�"�Jy�����|�uH� puw�.-'�=̖������ �/ՖfUe�f�>H�\v? 2. These Qbasic program examples are a beginner-level, which mostly will help you to understand the concept of a variable and some basic qbasic statements … h�b```�z����cb��>� �d�U�3���ta��s���k_��T8�p��!6f�+�g�:�7�:�e�k``�øC|���ccc�4��0��T氕�xV��6-��� �BkRGւ����C�V�H�0��Bj�A�Uۃ��A����0 �6 0͚� �$R�`��`��`��`�h`��h�`h�`h�`n�`�h�h� �� @@I��� "�C���e`��Ҽ@,� FN�(�ۜ�lYvl}l�8�r:2\��Yͨ&| ��^�mA�sMS8�C�Ս��JH�10�?���껠@"c� c�uc Notice when you ran the program a second time, there was a second output line. H��W]o�8}���3�e^~s1�I;E�N��l0�$M�H�4qg��~/)JVd�&͸iŲ-�s���|��:��pwy�&?��������e���zy���͏o�����������3�b�pYQ--��VJ%*%>t������K2���v}yO������z�\_߮���)%���p���J�,>N��gx���ҌHVIE�'S8Z�w2����X\L��}�&3�@n>z�!^-���{��ۓ7/�WjX)�3��J("��,#�*j�����O..��ʚ���sQJC����=7�(�V�Q��x1�2hdC�


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