Page 1 of 4 - Coma Corrector Compariosn - posted in Reflectors: Just got the Skywatcher Quattro 4-element Aplanatic coma corrector and though I would compare it to my Baader MPCC Mark III. I was not thrilled with the MPCC, which is why I decided to go for the Skywatcher which set me back $285. This 8” SkyWatcher Quattro f4 Imaging Newtonian has an 800 mm focal length. Premium Photo – 300/1200 F4 Imaging Reflector Fast Photography F/4 (12-inch) steel tube Newtonian Optical Tube with rings and mounting plate. Skywatcher QUATTRO-8S - Skywatcher Wide Photo Telescope line 205mm f/4 Dual-Speed Parabolic Imaging Newtonians Image - Quattro-8CF - with Carbon Tube The new QUATTRO series with their fast f/4 focal ratios, have been specially designed for high quality astrophotography with short exposure times. The parabolic mirrors are ground from borosilicate glass and fully multi-coated for bright, sharp images. Wanting to tune it for superb Astro images then check out this cool product!!! The parabolic mirrors are ground from borosilicate glass and fully multi-coated for bright, sharp images. Los nuevos Sky-Watcher Quattro f4 250 mm (tubo óptico) Acero estan equipados para brindar una relación focal mas rápida F/4 que permite menores tiempos de exposición para producir imágenes de calidad superior. Unboxing, Setup and Review of the new Skywatcher Quattro 200P 8" astrograph. 8-inch or 10-inch … Classic f/4 Newtonian wide-field optical tube with super power linear 2 speed focuser and built for wide field astrophotography, the Sky-Watcher 300mm f/4 reflector will ensure you fit more sky on you CCD camera and reduced exposure times. - … The MPCC is a 2-element design that runs about $215 while the Skywatcher is a 4-element … The Sky-Watcher Quattro series are premium quality imaging Newtonians with a wide field of illumination and fast f4 focal-ratios. Review of our $479 Imaging Telescope - The BEST Astrophotography Telescope for the price? You got a F4 Newtonian Telescope??? Abbildung Quattro-8 mit Carbon Tubus Die neue QUATTRO Newton Teleskope von Skywatcher sind mit dem schnellen f/4 Öffnungsverhältnis extra für die Astrofotografie mit kurzen Belichtungszeiten entworfen worden.


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