Health marketing Top 10 Medical Magazines. The journal only accepts about 7% of original research manuscripts that are submitted for publication. The primary publication on the human mind, Psychology Today features up to date research, trends, findings, and tons of other information involving the ways we think and behave. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Career course The journal receives nearly 10,000 manuscripts every year and is peer-reviewed by non-affiliated scientific experts. 1. British Medical Journal – The British Medical Journal has been around for a very long time and it prides itself on offering the most valuable and current medical information available. The Lancet’s 2013 impact factor is 39.207, ranking the journal second in the general medicine category. Enjoyed the post? A high impact factor indicates that a journal’s published findings are considered highly influential. High-impact journals are highly sought after by unpublished authors and are more selective about the manuscripts they publish. Health. You will find a wide variety of medical information in this publication from some of the top medical minds in the world. It’s very difficult to be published in The Lancet. Medical editing Editorial guidelines, Health writing Get the latest health writing advice and course news. The journal’s impact factor is 54.42 (2013), the highest among general medical journals. All Magazines. So, for example, a journal with an impact factor of five means, on average, the articles published in the last two years have been cited five times. Annals publish a range of research articles from meta-analyses to letters to the editor. This publication deals primarily with medical research, but it also offers good articles on treatment options … It is a weekly periodical that helps healthcare professionals bridge the gap between clinical science and cl… BMJ is a completely online journal that publishes general medical research articles. Take the first step towards a rewarding career as a medical writer with our online course, Breaking Into Health Writing. Thank you for a valuable post. Fighting issues related to aging is a challenge that faces everyone, and Life Extension magazine will discuss the issues, news, and innovations that may extend your life. Health writing skills All Rights Reserved. Contribute The BMJ uses a comprehensive peer review process giving priority to articles that improve clinical decision-making in general medicine. The Annals of Internal Medicine is ranked fifth among general medical journals. Unpublished manuscripts submitted to top medical journals use content experts from each medical speciality to assess accuracy, novelty and ethical methodology. View all courses. The credibility of the world’s esteemed journals may be due to their high impact factors and peer-review processes (we’ll discuss what these mean later). Contact is New England Journal of Medicine open access journal. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne and a postgraduate diploma in genetic counseling. The primary publication on the human mind, Psychology Today features up to date research, trends, ... All Medical Magazines - A to Z. Only 5% of submitted manuscripts accepted for publication in the Lancet family of nine general medicine specialty journals. FAQ London, England, United Kingdom About Blog New Scientist is the best … Established in 1883, the JAMA is the major journal in the American Medical Association’s “family” of 10 medical journals. Six months after an article is published, the full text is available for free. Is it recognized in USA? Terms Having access to a library of top medical journals is essential if you care about producing quality medical writing. Payment Not sure which course is right for you?


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