The Danish king probably realised that the depleted force was now no longer sufficient to attempt a full-scale invasion but at least he could orchestrate a typical Viking raid and bring back … One of history's "greatest Englishmen" wasn't really English at all. Ad Honorem. Postclassical History Menshevik. Hereward the Wake (circa 1035 - c.1072) The legendary Hereward the Wake, the guerrilla leader who headed Anglo- Saxon resistance to William the Conqueror for five years has been called one of history's "greatest Englishmen". Alderman Keno. I tried searching on the internet but it kept referencing The Harrying of the North but it didn't mention him. In 1070 CE Asbjorn's Danish force had been depleted by the hunger and the cold of the harsh winter but they were now bolstered by the arrival of reinforcements led by Sweyn himself. 4 years ago. Hereward the Wake. Answer Save. Lv 7. Hereward the Wake leads the Final English Rebellion against the Normans In 1070, four years after the Battle of Hastings, Hereward the Wake made plans for another rebellion with the brother of King Harold, Earl Morcar of Northumbria. Help please? Hereward the Wake: What happened to him? Contemporary chroniclers describe him as someone who belongs to a band of men ‘who lived in tents, disdaining to sleep in houses lest they should become soft’. One evening time while he was plotting the death of Hereward, the outlaw himself arrived and slew him. The most famous of these rebels is Hereward the Wake (also known as Hereward the Outlaw or Hereward the Exile), a brave Anglo-Saxon leader who some say was the influence behind the stories of Robin Hood. The earliest references to his parentage are found in the Gesta Herewardi, which records he was the son of Edith, a descendant of Oslac of York. He is presumed to have been real, based in the … For Hereward had learned that Frederick was in Norfolk together with a military force, so that as soon as anything was heard of Hereward, Frederick might make his way there protected by a troop of soldiers. History Periods. What happened when Hereward the Wake rebelled? 4 Answers. One source says he's the son of Leofric of Bourn.The other … Forums. But what Frederick intended should happen to Hereward happened to himself instead. He is one of these characters who is essentially legendary, but based on an historical figure. Dec 2012 9,576 here Nov 6, 2014 #1 There seems to be some conflicting information on not only his death, but his parentage too. Thread starter Menshevik; Start date Nov 6, 2014; Tags happened hereward wake; Home. Relevance.


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