Tech & Science Quantum Computing Research A team of scientists in Australia claim to have stumbled on a breakthrough discovery that will have "major implications" for the future of quantum computing. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – September 30, 2020 – Silicon Quantum Computing (SQC), the Australian technology startup founded by Professor Michelle Simmons AO, today announced internationally-renowned quantum physicist Professor John Martinis has joined the SQC team to accelerate their development of a silicon based quantum computer… World-record quantum computing result for Sydney teams by University of Sydney Nature Electronics front cover, April 2019 Credit: Springer Nature/Chih-Hwan Yang Magnitude of Acceleration. Quantum computing has the potential to transform the global economy and society at large. The University of Sydney quantum theory group, led by Bartlett and Professor Steven Flammia, is one of the world powerhouses of quantum information theory, allowing for engineering and experimental teams across the globe make the painstaking physical advances needed to ensure quantum computing … Forward-thinking ambition requires genuinely visionary backers. The long-term Microsoft investment will bring state-of-the-art equipment, foster the recruitment of new staff, help build the nation’s scientific and engineering talent, and focus significant research project funding into the University of Sydney … That’s why Silicon Quantum Computing launched in May 2017 with over A$83 million of capital funding from the Australian Commonwealth Government, UNSW Sydney… Our Experience.


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